National Executive Forum on Public Property

Forum national des cadres en immobilier public

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Why become a Member or Associate?

Provides a neutral venue and a collegial environment for senior executives of organizations owning public lands.

Gives Members the ability to openly share experience(s), ideas and insights with one another, while providing mutual help.

Allows contribution to the Governance framework of the Forum.

Provides the opportunity for mutual assistance and advice from fellow members.

In addition to the benefits provided here and those highlighted under the ‘Benefits of Membership’ Section on the ‘Home Page’, members enjoy preferred access to:

  • A University-managed network of some of Canada’s most respected practitioners and researchers.
  • Members-only, issues-focused Working Sessions.
  • Expertise for consultation and problem solving.
  • Shared member databases.
  • Member-driven research.
  • Professional development.

Membership: limited to forty government organizations

  • Involves the commitment of executive time
  • Annual fee of $5,000.
  • Member-based organizations: governments (federal, provincial/territorial, regional, municipal), crown corporations, development corporations and public utilities.

Associates enjoy access to many Forum services, activities, and symposia on a full-cost basis, but pay a reduced annual fee of $1,000.

  • Associates are largely recruited from large national private organizations, having a common interest in the management of public lands and Real Property;
  • Importantly, the number of Associates may not be greater than the number of member organizations.

International associates also enjoy access to a limited number of the Forum’s services, activities and conferences on a full-cost basis, however they do not pay an annual fee.

  • They are invited from non-Canadian government organizations, individuals and non-governmental businesses, also having an interest in the management of public lands and Real Property.
  • There are presently no limits on the number of international associates.