National Executive Forum on Public Property

Forum national des cadres en immobilier public

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Why Have a Forum

Member government organizations and private sector associates, as well as a network of academic and international advisors, all share several commonalities.

These issues usually arise from:

  • The holding and disposal of lands, while also ranging across all areas of public policy.
  • Fiscal/economic, environmental, social, city planning, management and financial areas.
  • Member unification created from a common foundation and similar challenges.

Based on the fact that there is only one taxpayer, addressing emerging issues within a shared framework is distinctly advantageous to not only all governments, but by extension to public bodies as well.

We believe that a member-driven Forum, administered in a neutral environment, allows for the most realistic and effective sharing of visions, problems, experience and best practices faced throughout the public sector.

The Forum takes into consideration the fact that prospective Members and Associates have financial resource constraints.

Response: Choosing to operate a cost-effective organization, particularly by ensuring that only value-added activities are undertaken.

A Founding “Sponsors” meeting was called in January 1998 to adopt a constitution, elect an Executive Committee and appoint a Convener.

The Constitution was amended in 2002, 2005, 2007,2011, 2014 and 2016. The Constitution was most recently amended in January 2020 and approved at the 2020 Annual General Meeting.