National Executive Forum on Public Property

Forum national des cadres en immobilier public

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  • Members are given an in-depth understanding of their faced challenges, as well as insight into any potential opportunities;
  • A neutral environment where members are able to comfortably and confidently participate within;
  • Senior decision-making officials of federal, provincial/territorial and municipal governments, agencies, utilities and crown corporations all gain very valuable working knowledge from the annual symposia and the fall working sessions; and
  • Working knowledge is able to be applied towards their own organization’s strategic planning process and the tactical programs supporting this strategy.

There are numerous reasons to belong to the NEFPP…

The Forum provides a strategic and action-oriented approach to priority topics, such as:

  • the development of a relevant benchmarking program using public sector data;
  • the provision of information to support decision making, and improvements to service delivery, including the use of relevant comparisons with similar organizations;
  • the provision of unbiased peer review of an organization’s initiatives, such as workplace strategies or strategies around a major development initiative;
  • the resolution of common issues and the identification of opportunities for cooperation.

The Forum provides a unique “community of practice” for the 3 levels of government, all working for the one taxpayer to support management of real property, with an environment that fosters best practices by:

  • being open to ask questions and share best practices;
  • providing continuity of discussions on a cooperative agenda;
  • recognising that you cannot do it in your own “bubble”;
  • helping to avoid “reinventing the wheel”;
  • building connections with the private sector, academics, and international organizations;
  • building on face-to-face connections to develop effective working relationships.

The Forum provides a “think tank” for exploring new approaches that are relevant and useful by:

  • acting as an incubator for the consideration of topics and innovative solutions;
  • being an independent body, backed by universities;
  • having advisors with special expertise who share what is happening internationally, so we can understand trends that impact us;
  • setting the agenda for priorities to explore;
  • using relevant Canadian data and case histories.

The Forum assists with research and education for future real property experts by:

  • providing information for researchers and students;
  • providing for student internships.