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Who Are We?

Who Are We

The Forum is made up of several governmental member organizations from each level of government.

These members are Canada’s most significant public agencies, who have an invested interest in the owning and managing of land and real estate.

  • Representatives are at the senior executive level from: federal, provincial and municipal government departments, agencies, public utilities, crown corporations and development corporations.

Other Forum-Facilitating Team Members:

  • Associates are welcome as private individuals or organizations with a relevant interest in the management of public lands and real estate;
  • Academic Advisors are the representatives of disciplines supporting the Forum from universities across Canada;
  • Forum Advisors are individuals or representatives of organizations whose activities support the Forum, who are actively assisting the Forum’s programs; and
  • International Associates are government organizations, individuals and non-governmental businesses with an interest in the mission of the Forum.

Queen’s University is the headquarters for the Forum, where it governs the Forum through respective regulations of its Senate.

The Advisory Research Committee authorizes the Forum’s Constitution and its Annual Reports, including financial statements, programs and budgets.

Queen’s University also provides the Forum with accounting, banking, mail, computer and legal services.

The Forum’s administration is located in the Robert Sutherland Hall within Queen’s University.

David L.A. Gordon, Director of the School of Urban and Regional Planning, is currently the Forum’s Faculty Coordinator.

  • His predecessor, Dr. Hok-Lin Leung, was a co-founder of the Forum along with Bill Lye, formerly with the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.