National Executive Forum on Public Property

Forum national des cadres en immobilier public

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The Forum is designed to bring together various member organizations from all levels of government across Canada.

Objective: To create a public sector council where the following topics of information are effectively exchanged:

  • Real property knowledge and best practices
  • Policy and governance issues for debate and analysis
  • By means of this information exchange, impediments to program delivery are discussed and analyzed with a view to overcoming obstacles through this mutually-beneficial means of information exchange (“community of practice”).


The National Executive Forum on Public Property (“The Forum”) brings together member organizations from all levels of government across Canada to create a public sector council where real property knowledge and best practices are exchanged, policy and governance issues debated and analyzed, and impediments to program delivery routinely overcome through a better understanding of common challenges and opportunities. This is what would be commonly referred to today as a “community of practice”. Senior officials of federal, provincial, territorial and municipal governments, agencies, utilities and crown corporations use the Forum and the information emanating from its annual Symposium and Fall Working Session, as a key component in their own organization’s strategic planning process and the tactical programs supporting this strategy.

Membership Benefits:

There are numerous benefits derived from Forum membership:

  • The opportunity for engagement of key stakeholders in relation to relevant topics, such as: policy, program and regulatory development or renewal;
  • In turn, the member organization’s relationship with one another is improved due to the Forum’s networking and information exchange capabilities;
  • Value creation goes well beyond core membership due to information being extended into other parts of government and para-governmental organizations (by-product effect);
  • Organizational problem-removal/reduction capability through mutually-helpful exchange;
  • Organizational problem-avoidance capability through being proactive rather than reactive by learning from fellow member experiences;
  • Ability to more effectively manage budgets through cost-saving measures;
  • Ability for members to save money through streamlining valuable information to their organizations precluding the need to hire expensive consultants;
  • Bi-annual workshops help Forum members to facilitate sound internal decision-making within each member organization through meaningful debate and discussion.

Topics of debate and discussion focus on the following:

  • A wide range of real property-related and asset management issues;
  • Benchmarking initiatives and the sharing of research and the measurement of key performance indicators;
  • Comparisons surrounding the effectiveness of differing program and project delivery models;
  • Forum-sponsored surveys on both policy and operational processes and tools may be utilized in order to identify any new issues which are suitable to the focus of an upcoming workshop;
  • Unique access that members have towards their public-sector peers;
  • Open exchange of questions/ideas both during and between workshops;
  • Allows for an open exchange of questions/ideas both during and between workshops
  • Provision to member organizations of valuable information and insights to adapt and apply to their own organizational practices;
  • Meetings allowing senior government members from each jurisdiction to obtain professional development directly relevant to their operating environment; and
  • Focus on Canadian public-sector experiences and studies.