Symposium Dates: Thursday, May 19 to Friday, May 20 2016
Symposium Venue and Location:
Hilton Québec, 1100 Boulevard René-Lévesque Est, Québec City, QC
This event will be open to all Forum Members, Associates, and Advisors as well as senior executives engaged in the management of public assets and real estate.

Topic: How Governments Optimize the Value and Functionality of Heritage Buildings and Properties: “Embracing the past. Recognizing the potential. Maximizing the opportunity”

Sponsorship opportunities are available. If you are interested in having your organization be a sponsor for this event please contact Jan Devonshire at 613-533-6515 or visit the Sponsorship Opportunities tab for information

Forum Members
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The National Executive Forum on Public Property (“The Forum”) brings together member organizations from all levels of government across Canada to create a public sector council where real property knowledge and best practices are exchanged, policy and governance issues debated and analyzed, and impediments to program delivery routinely overcome through a better understanding of common challenges and opportunities. This is what would be commonly referred to today as a “community of practice”. Senior officials of federal, provincial, territorial and municipal governments, agencies, utilities and crown corporations use the Forum and the information emanating from its annual symposium and fall working session, as a key component in their own organization’s strategic planning process and the tactical programs supporting this strategy.

Benefits of Membership

Membership allows the engagement of key stakeholders in relation to policy, program and regulatory development or renewal that enhance the member organization’s relationship with these communities. Furthermore, the Forum’s bi-annual workshops for members support sound internal decision-making within each member organization through rigorous debate on a wide range of real property-related issues, and the Forum’s benchmarking initiative, and through comparing the effectiveness of differing program and project delivery models. There are Forum-sponsored surveys on both policy and operational processes and tools can also be used to identify emerging common issues that may need to be the focus of a workshop. Another value-add to members is access to their public-sector peers, which allows for the open exchange of questions and ideas both during and between workshops. This focus on public-sector governance and best practices provides member organizations with valuable information and insight to adapt to their own organizational practices. Finally, these meetings allow senior officials in each government organization to obtain professional development directly relevant to their operating environment due to their special focus on Canadian public-sector experiences and studies.

Support Network

The Forum is supported by a roster of academic and international advisors, and associates, which include individuals and private organizations with an interest in the management and development of public assets and real estate. Advisors help to support the development of content, while associates bring in private sector experience as necessary. The goal is to ensure that Forum content, whether through its events or vast library of online information is directly related to its members’ real property programs and operations, and that it assists each member in the delivery of their core mandate.


The Forum is an unincorporated non-profit group which is administered out of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. It is run by an executive committee with the chair role rotating between the three levels of government, and has an Executive Director/Convenor located in Toronto.