The Forum

Brings Members Together:

The Forum network gets stronger when we meet face-to-face twice a year.  Collaboration continues through our virtual networks and meetings. 

Shares Knowledge:

Whether in our face-to-face or virtual meetings, the goal is to share what we know. This approach allows us to innovate as well as use the tried-and-tested, successful best practices developed by our colleagues.

Develops Partnerships:

By sharing what we are doing, members find ways to work together to solve real property problems – in real time – within all three levels of government. 

Our Vision

The NEFPP is the recognized leader for public real property knowledge and innovation for all levels of governments’ leaders and decision-makers.

Our Mission

The NEFPP provides a unique opportunity for real property public sector senior management to exchange information, share best practices, advance knowledge and establish ways to optimize the management of its real property for the benefit of our organizations and the Canadian public.

Our Members

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Government Members
Our core members come from all levels of Canadian government. Real Property organizations from the federal government, provinces and territories and most major municipalities are our members and drive the agenda of the Forum.

Academic Advisors
Our Academic Advisors come from the finest universities across Canada and beyond. They are preeminent in their fields of expertise and are interested in how infrastructure and real estate are managed, whether by government or the private sector. They provide advice, share what they know, and learn from all the Forum members.

Associate Members
Associate Members are private sector service providers. They are expert consultants and advisors in all aspects of real property management, from planning, transactions, geospatial management, project leadership and management, to facilities and property management. They contribute their expertise and interest in the field to all Forum members.

Our History

Founded in 1998 by Hok-Lin Leung of the Queen’s University’s School of Urban and Regional Planning, and Bill Lye, from the Treasury Board Secretariat of the Federal Government, the NEFPP was originally called the Queen’s Land Forum. Today, it has a different name, but the same mission, which is to bring together all levels of government to share best practices and work together to create value in their real property portfolios for the citizens of Canada.

The nine original members were: British Columbia Buildings Corporation; Canada Lands Company; Cities of Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa; Ontario Realty Corp.; Public Works and Government Services Canada; and the Treasury Board Secretariat. They were named the “Sponsors” and underwrote the Forum until more members joined. The Membership and its representatives have changed over time, but not its purpose.

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