Exchanging Information. Advancing Knowledge.

Bringing together the people and the information to create best practices for management professionals responsible for Public Sector Real Property throughout all levels of the Canadian public service.

Collaboration, Co-operation and Creative Solutions to Real Property Challenges


NEFPP is its members. They are recognized real property experts from all three levels of government in Canada. They share knowledge, best practices and work together, to create value for taxpayers by managing the country’s real property in the best way possible.

NEFPP members come together, face to face, twice a year to set the agenda for the organization and to share knowledge. They are joined by the Forum’s Academic Advisors – experts in real estate and infrastructure – as well as the NEFPP’s Associate Members who, as experts in their own right, provide services to government.

The Forum is a non-profit organization, affiliated with Queen’s University, dedicated to supporting its members.

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We bring together Government real property experts from across Canada.
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